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SKU: GlucoCoR - 60 Capsules

GlucoCor is a Metabolic Corrector* that:

  • Can help promote adequate levels of blood sugar
  • Can help promote tissue health
  • Can help promote healthy nerves
  • Contains micronutrients and biologically activated cofactors
  • Has a comprehensive formulation
  • Can help promote the enhancement of cellular biochemistry
  • Has an integrated formulation
  • Can help attend the biochemical origin of the disease

Supplement facts:
Suggested use: 1 or 2 capsules per day


*“A Metabolic Corrector is defined as a specifically designed nutritional formulation with  active ingredients that can help improve cellular biochemistry.”

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Participant Pharmacies in Puerto Rico

Pharmacies Available Phone Town
Drugs Unlimited 787-792-2430  
Farmacia Sagrado Corazon 787-882-0135 Aguadilla
Farmacia Mary 787-735-8723 Aibonito
Farmacia Jireh 787-882-7900 Añasco
Farmacia Corcovada 787-820-4747 Arecibo
Farmacia Caridad 787-786-6385 Barceloneta
Farmacia Gabriela #2 787-260-2400 Bayamón-Santa Juanita
Farmacia Graciela 787-786-7194 Bayamón
Farmacias Lomas Verdes 787-787-2275 Bayamón
Farmacia Santa Olaya 787-797-4966 Bayamón
Farmacia Farmarket 787-797-2709 Bayamón
Natural Organics 787-785-1415 Bayamón
Farmacia Caridad 787-269-3140 Bayamón-Hato Tejas
Farmacia Caridad 787-740- 400 Bayamón-Victory Shopping Center
Farmacia Caridad 787-743-1273 Caguas
Farmacia Velez 787-881-6300 Camuy
Canovanas Pharmacy 787-876-3400 Canóvanas
Farmacia Medina # 6 787-256-5757 Canóvanas
Farmacia Olivero 787-256-2740 Canóvanas
Farmacia Medina #2 787-256-5757 Canóvanas
Farmacia Caridad 787-258-1846 Canóvanas
Farmacia Watto 787-876-2174 Canóvanas
Farmacia Pontezuela 787-769-5240 Carolina
Farmacia Puerta De Carolina #3 787-276-2808 Carolina
Super Farmacia Carolina 787-257-8540 Carolina
Farmacia Puerta De Carolina 787-276-0455 Carolina
Farmacia Medina #3 787-752-5111 Carolina
Farmacia Caridad 787-791-5757 Carolina-Laguna Gardens
Farmacia Caridad 787-752-9644 Carolina-Villa Carolina 
Farmacia Marie 787-859-2729 Corozal
Farmacia La Sagrada Familia 787-859-2995 Corozal
Essential Organics 787-796-8181 Dorado
Armonia Natural 787-598-3888 Dorado-Dorado del Mar Shopping Center
Farmacia Rina 787-864-0855 Guayama
Farmacia Alimar 787-720-7439 Guaynabo
Vida Plus Medical Clinic 787-731-4949 Guaynabo-Plaza Guaynabo
Farmacia Tu Receta 787-272-7788 Guaynabo
Farmacia Campo Alegre 787-898-8616 Hatillo
Farmacia Lechuga 787-898-5730 Hatillo
Fam. La Constancia 787-265-4114 Hormigueros
Farmacia Elena 787-837-2186 Juana Díaz
Farmacia Sonia 787-837-2666 Juana Díaz
Farmacia Del Pueblo 787-883-2065 Manatí
Armonia Natural 787-598-3888 Manatí
Farmacia Elda 787-884-4449 Manatí
Fam. Serrano 787-834-3400 Mayagüez
Fam. Luciano 787-834-5200 Mayagüez
Farmacia Eden 787-882-2000 Moca
Farmacia Liangie 787-862-1733 Morovis
Vital Healthy Foods 787-871-4422 Morovis
Farmacia San Miguel 787-869-2460 Naranjito
Farmacia Jardines 787-869-8747 Naranjito
Super Farmacia Nueva 787-869-2290 Naranjito
Can help:
> Promote healthy glucose levels.
> Improving the health of the nerves in the extremities.
> Protect the organs of oxidative damage
> Promote collagen formation and tissue repair.

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GlucoCoR Testimonies *The opininons expressed in these testimonials are exclusive responsability of those who issue them.

My name is Emilio Meléndez and I'm 58 years old. I like being an active person but because of my niabetic neuropathy, I could barely walk. Thanks to GlucoCoR I have seen a great omprovement in my health. Nowdays I'm able to walk everyday and I started playing tennis again which is my favorite sport.


Farmacia Naranjito 787-869-3965 Naranjito
Farmacia Lourdes 787-842-1314 Ponce
Eden Nutrition Center 787-840-4850 Ponce
Farmacia Caribe, Inc 787-887-4444 Río Grande
First Pharmacy 787-751-6646 Río Piedras
Farmacia Caridad 787-740-7000 Río Piedras
Farmacia Ideal 787-752-9120 San Juan
Farmacia Las Lomas 787-783-3755 San Juan - Ave. San Patricio
Farmacia Vanga 787-751-0565 San Juan
Farmacia Vargas 787-782-6129 San Juan
Natural Slim 787-763-2527 San Juan
Tu Farmacia de Comunidad 787-293-2222 San Juan
ABC Pharmacy 787-763-8996 San Juan
Dr. Ramphis Diaz 787-599-2083 San Juan
Farmacia Caridad 787-523-3555 San Juan-Ave.Jesus T. Piñero
Farmacia De Jesus 787-870-0993 Toa Alta
Prestamo Pharmacy 787-224-0007 Toa Baja
Farmacia Carimas #3 787-961-9090 Toa Baja
Farmacia Carimas #2 787-961-9090 Toa Baja
Farmacia Caney 787-755-7845 Trujillo Alto
Farmacia San Justo 787-755-1085 Trujillo Alto
Farmacia Santa Rita 787-883-4445 Vega Alta
Healthy Food Natural Life 787-858-0029 Vega Baja
Farmacia Gonzalez #2 787-858-2275 Vega Baja
Super Farmacia Triple R 787-855-6033 Vega Baja
Farmacia Caridad 787-858-8037 Vega Baja